CALL FOR PIECES: volume 5 of the Journal of Imaginary Research

The Journal of Imaginary Research Vol 5 is now open for new fictional pieces!

We publish imaginary research abstracts.

What do we mean imaginary research abstracts? We mean short works of fiction, that take a format that is familiar to us as researchers and academics. An abstract is the summary of an academic paper, that gives us a succinct overview of the research that has been done, and the new outcomes or ideas that the research has generated.

We publish imagined research abstracts as works of fiction firstly because writing for enjoyment is a good thing to encourage. We spend a lot of time trying to reduce our anxiety about writing, so writing just for fun is a good way to reshape our relationship with writing into something enjoyable.

Secondly, writing fiction in a familiar format, helps us to reflect on how we can creatively communicate real research projects, and how we can find the joy of creativity within the grind of productivity.

Creativity is a property of all writers and the privilege of all researchers.

The imaginary abstracts we have published in volumes 1-4 were written by real academic staff, research staff, and research students each November, during Global Academic Writing Month.

To have your creative work included, use a copyright free image as a prompt to produce:

The first 4 volumes of the Journal are available here as free downloads and provide plenty of examples of the different approaches and styles.

Submit these four things for consideration to by Friday 6th December.


Due to the volume of submissions we are now receiving, we have a fast and simple editorial process. We will:
(a) accept and publish your submission without edits,
(b) send your submission back with some suggestions on how to resubmit for next year’s edition or
(c) go ahead and edit your work and publish it in this year’s edition. That means that your piece may be published with minor edits that you have not seen. If you would prefer that this doesn’t happen, then let us know when you submit. We haven’t had any writers disappointed yet, but we want you to be aware of our editorial processes so you can make an informed decision.

Just so you know, in all cases you maintain the copyright on your submission, and no money is made by the sale of your writing.

3 thoughts on “CALL FOR PIECES: volume 5 of the Journal of Imaginary Research”

  1. Hi Kay and Matthew,

    Just discovered your super exciting journal today. What a fantastic idea! Is the journal openly licensed?

    I am an academic developer with a vivid interest in creativity and creative writing. Now thinking how this approach could be used in my practice. Some ideas are emerging already. Thank you for bringing this journal to life.



    1. Hi Chrissi, Glad to hear from you! It’s totally open, all the previous versions are available to download as PDFs here: underneath the latest call.

      Have you seen the free workshop we have shared too? Here: please do take and use what you need. Enjoy it, I hope it’s a brilliant success for you!


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much Kay.

        I have started looking at some of the issues. Would also like to invite colleagues to submit an abstract for the next issue.



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