workshop: Writing Without Discipline

Dr Matthew Cheeseman (@eine) and I (@kayguccione) have created an open-access video-blended version of our workshop: ‘Writing Without Discipline’.

In developing this workshop we wanted to introduce creative writing concepts to researchers working in any and all disciplines, as a way to support people who felt tense, anxious, about writing, or had fallen into a negative relationship with their writing.

The title of the session, Writing Without Discipline, means that any of us can come at writing creatively from any discipline. It’s also a pun, of course, because writing requires a lot of discipline, no matter what research field you work in.

In previous years, we have run this as a face-to-face workshop, and the skills and techniques learned therein, have led to submissions to our creative journal – the Journal of Imaginary Research. Download the volumes here.

To enable others to use these ideas, we have created a blended video/face-to-face session that can be used by any facilitator who wants to gather a group of researchers (postgrad, early career, academic staff) together for ~90min.

The video below delivers the content of the workshop, Matt helps researchers to understand how writing can change our thinking. And how understanding how we write, changes the way we relate to writing, and how we build our own habits of writing. We help participants get to grips with creative methods for generating text, and techniques for reflecting and editing to introduce new ways of building writing into their daily routine. The workshop provides an introductory framework for understanding how writing is constructed, a discussion of the tools, technologies and practices that support writing, and it helps participants to think creatively about adapting and enhancing their writing habits. The video is subtitled for accessibility. 

The Writing Without Discipline Facilitator Pack with a breakdown of what you’ll need to do, room and participant set up information, and timings of the sections of the video, can be downloaded below.

There is no fee payable for this pilot version of the workshop, and materials are under Creative Commons licence (CC BY), which means they can be shared and adapted, but you must credit us “Kay Guccione and Matthew Cheeseman, 2018” when you use the materials. 

Please let us know if you use this, how it goes, and what you added or adapted. If you create pieces of imaginative work, we would be delighted to read them!